Apply preset on site outside customizer


On our installation, we offer to client to create a site with a form. We want to show thumbnails of presets and ask user to choose is own presets within the new site form.
On creation, we have a hook on wpmu_new_blog action. In this hook, we do a little bit of stuff to prepare the new site.
Is it possible to apply the selected preset on the site creation event?
I have try to use FLCustomizer class, but i didn’t find a way to make a good job.

Thanks a lot,

Jean-David Rivard

Hey Jean-David,

Beaver Builder’s presets are basically just toggling the settings within the Customizer interface, we’re not doing anything special to save them. That all happens with WP’s Customizer logic.

My best guess is that if you want to do something like this, you’ll need to use something like set_theme_mod to save each setting (I think that’s what the Customizer uses).

I do also know that most Customizer settings are stored in the wp_options table using the theme slug like theme_mods_bb-theme or theme_mods_my-theme-slug. So you could possibly manipulate the data there directly.

I hope that helps!