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Hi There

Would love some feedback on our newest website.

Looking for feedback on the website and logo as well.

Hey Geoffrey,

Site looks fantastic! Really liking those infographics and the logo is really nice as well, great work and thanks for sharing!


Thanks Billy

I am not sure if this is the right place but i have a few questions as well :

  1. I applied to be one of the providers that you refer work to, when do you think applicants will know whether they have been approved
  2. Secondly on my pricing page of the new website, it would be nice if i would switch between currencies like rands, dollars or pounds and the visitor could select their preference. Is that possible ? I though of having 3 tabs with the currencies as the navigation, but you cannot put the tables shortcode in a tab shortcode unless one custom codes the tables. I could do this this just seeing if there is a work around.
  3. Lastly on the homepage i have horizontal tabs, which i have done some custom coding on. I cannot get the tabs to look right in mobile mode, the hover and headers wont centralize

Hey Geoff,

Re. #1, we don’t quite have a timeframe on that yet, but we are working on rolling that out at the moment. We hope to have that ready soon and I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be approved. The more we can offer to people looking for assistance, the better! :slight_smile:

Re. #2, that would be best suited for our User Voice forum so we can take a look at enhancing that module down the road.

Re. #3, yes, if you wouldn’t mind, that would be best suited for a separate support thread so we can assist from there.


I like it i will be reworking my web design site at some point it is using a older theme still that no longer updates. Need to get it over to bb.

I like the wording you used to.

The logo really grabbed my attention. I like the simple clear layout and clear explanation of timing and what they get.