Async CSS and JS and Cache Problem

Hi guys

I’ve been trying to improve my scores on PageSpeed Insights and trying out the Async JS and CSS plugin to load files asynchronously

When I turned it on everything seemed fine except for some BB functionality.
I had difficulty accessing media from within modules and background images were 404’ing.

There is an option in the plugin settings to exclude named files and I set it up to disregard files from the BB cache containing layout.css and layout.js

That seems to have done the trick (I hope)
However Google’s PageSpeed Insights still shows layout.css as a blocking resource and recommends optimizing its delivery.

Do you know of anyway of doing this?
Many thanks as always.

Hey Neil,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team to assist you with your concern.


Hey Neil,

That plugin looks a bit dated showing it being last updated in 2013. Regardless, I’ll have our dev take a look at this thread to see if there is any insight he can provide here.


Hey Neil,

I checked and unfortunately, it looks like that plugin is incorrectly rewriting URLs in the CSS so they end up like this…




So that’s one issue. The other is that the editor relies on the CSS/JS files being available in the markup to work.

I’m not sure there is a way to remove those files but I’m wondering how much of an impact it’s making. Most sites include scripts/styles this way, and tracking down the highest page speed score possible is typically hard to do. Can I ask what it’s at right now?


Hey guys
I’m really sorry. I didn’t realise I hadn’t turned on notifications for this thread.
(Maybe it should be on by default! :slight_smile: )
Thanks for looking at this and sorry for seeming to ignore it after I posted it!
I did check back a couple of times but then moved on.

I eventually gave up on that plugin. It was just giving me too many problems.

However Google still recommends I should do something about blocking resources, including:

As I guess the version changes most times I change the page I’m not sure what can be done.

Performance is hard isn’t it?
I just renewed my BB licence and if there is one thing I’d request more than any new modules or functions, is that you help me keep site loading time down whenever I switch on your page builder.

Thanks again

Hey Neil,

Thanks for the feedback! There’s not much we can do about those cache files, but we always do keep site speed in mind. Performance is definitely hard, that’s why we’re currently switching to Pagely. It is unbelievably fast around the globe!