Audio mp3 files SoundCloud?


I am very page load and speed conscious. I have just spend a few days optimizing and compressing all images on my site to keep my page load speed under one sec.

I am also about to subscribe to CDNMax a content delivery network.

My question is audio mp3 files. Currently, I’m using a few nature sound files and now I just purchased a 1:45 minute track from AudioJungle. The size is 4mb’s.

I think that’s going to slow the post I place it on way down adding at least another second or so.

I am using the audio player in BB plugin.

I’ve never used Soundcloud or any audio hosting company.

How would I use Soundcloud in BB. As I don’t want to add their player to my blog because BB’s player is really nice and simple.

Also, don’t want to take a chance on messing with my BB Plugin in anyway. It’s my favorite plugin by far (really I don’t know why it’s even called a plugin) It seems that it should be called something more as the use and relevance is so much more drastic on my blogging.

Anyway, can you instruct me on how to use Soundcloud with the BB audio player. I just don’t want 4mb’s of load on my post. The SEO hit isn’t worth it.

Or if you know of a way to compress the audio mp3 that would be fine as well. It just seems the Soundcloud option would be easier and more beneficial in the long run?



Hi Jerry,

I don’t believe you will be able to use SoudCloud with the BB Audio module. As you will need a direct link to the track. Which as far as I know, not possible with SoundCloud.

So to use SoundCloud, you will need to embed the track using their code and player. Unless you can find a service that provides a direct link to their tracks.