Auto Clear Cache

Hi Team

Just wondering if there is a way for me to clear the BB cache with every update of my plugin?

The issue I have is that when I make a change to my plugins frontend.css.php or frontend.js.php files, these are only registered when my users go into the page builder on the page containing the module.

Not so bad if only one site, but when you start updating multiple sites, this is a PITA.

So thought perhaps a cache clear upon activation may fix the issue?

Might be easiest to have them clear the site cache in wp-admin > Settings > Page Builder > Cache

Just letting you know I’ve already assigned another member of the team who can assist you with your concern. :slight_smile:


Hey Jon,

All of the Beaver Builder cache should be cleared when the version number changes (e.g. you update the plugin). You can see that happening on line 77 of classes/class-fl-builder-update.php. Is that not the case for you? If not, you may have another caching plugin that is serving up old copies of the Beaver Builder cache files. Could that be the case?


Sorry Jon, just realized I read that wrong. If you have the ability in your update routines, you can use this to clear the cache for all posts…