Automatic iframe code in source or Textedit module

If i use a Text module without typing i look in the source tab and see


<iframe id="fskey-iframe" class="fskey-autofill-dlg" sandbox="allow-same-origin"></iframe>
<div id="fskey-tooltip" class="fskey-tooltip" style="display: none;"></div>

This result in an securety issue of Appache. So most of the time i can not SAVE my text.

Im i the only one who has this problem on ALL my BeaverBuilder websites?

Using MAC > FIREFOX (but CHROME same issue) i have it on multiple websites on 2 different hostings.

Please help

Are you using f-secure?

yes! should that be a / the problem?

kind of.

Th only code reference on the whole internet for that code was a proof of concept for malware concerning that product: GitHub - tomasko126/F-Secure-KEY-audit: This repository contains the security report of the F-Secure KEY app and its extension.

so, id have to assume you have a keylogger installed on your PC

I turned off my F-Secure browser protection and Password manager… then i don’t have the strange automatic sourcecode addons…

Turned on F-Secure browser protection and still no extra code…

I think the Password manager from F-Secure is the problem!
Thanks for the help!!

Yes, but your pc is still infected somehow

MAC. How do you tell?

The code I linked to was a proof of concept for a vulnerability in fsecure, your browser is added the same code, so stands to reason the issue is either your end or your site, one on them is infected with something

Oke, i will search that… My sites are rulling awesome again!! Thanks!!

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