Automatically update content within an already published page every day

Every 2 months we write 60 daily paragraphs that I want to automatically appear within a page each day.
Is there a plugin or other way I can do this?
Each day I want a new paragraph of text from the file to appear within a block on a page (replacing yesterday’s paragraph).
The file of text is already written - it can be put into a table/spreadsheet if that helps.
Is there some way of wordpress automatically reading the file and grabbing that day’s content and replacing yesterday’s paragraph?

Can anyone help me please?


You could create custom post type and add your paragraphs as posts in that custom post type. Then on your page add a Post module and configure it to your custom post type, display only one post and this should display your latest paragraph of text (post) until you publish a new one.

If you don’t have Beaver Themer then you may need to use custom CSS to hide the post title.

If this isn’t to your liking then you may need to either use custom code, create your own shortcode or use a plugin. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a plugin which has this functionality.