Automatically updating internal links within WP Beaver


A client has moved their domain name over to a new one.

They currently have over 100 internal links to individual content which was done from Beaver Builder.

I do not want to update each link manually.

Can you recommend a plugin that will automatically update all internal links or is there another way to effectively do this?


Duplicator will move your site from one domain to another and part of the process is to do exactly what you are asking (update all the links).

HTH, Dave

ps One thing to be aware of - prior to using the BB products I moved dozens of sites using this plugin (and a similar commercial plugin called BackupBuddy) without any issues, but some links for BB are stored in a table that may possibly not update. So be aware of this article.

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Again, thanks for jumping, Dave! You can give that link a shot, Elemento, as that is what we usually recommend doing when migrating a site to another domain. If you need anything further, let us know!


Hi Dave and Ben,

Thank you for your replies.

I have tested the plugin that Dave provided but this did not work.

I then tried the tool from interconnectit as per the Beaver post and this worked like a treat!

Thank you for your great support!

@Elemento-IP For future reference, what didn’t work with Duplicator ?
Was it a URL issue ?

TIA, Dave

Hey Elemento,

Glad it did! A number people were having problems getting it to work. Have fun with The Beaver! :slight_smile: