Autoplay Video doesn´t work on every Page


i´ve the same Video with same setting (AUTOPLAY ON) on 5 or 6 Sites on my homepage. The Autoplay doesn´t work on every site. On some sites ist works, on other sites does not. I had to bring the video on top in content, to make the autoplay working. If the video comes later and you had to scroll, the autoplay doesn´t works.
What can i do, to play automodus in later content below?

You are probably using some plugin to lazyload things, if the video is lazyloaded it isnt going to start.

i´ve deactivated lazyload in WP Rocket to check it, but the video don´t play in automodus…if you hat to scoll down to the video, the dont play.

If the video are on top…or a part of it on top they play?

Maybe mobiles wont autoplay videos if they are not in view. No idea, unless you reveal the URL to this site no way to test either

on mobile autoplay it´s working… not on PC…

Please look at my site. It´s not the YouTube Video…it´s the mattress-produkt-video.

Here the Page it´s working:

Here the Page it´s NOT working: