Autoplay videos on download

Hi guys

Can you help with this. My client wants their video to play automatically on download (on the home page).

I clicked the autoplay button in the pagebuilder, but it doesn’t play on download, just comes up with the arrow to click it to start.

Also, I’m still have problems with the pagebuilder reverting to a previous version. This is happening on the Tim Franklin page and the About Us page.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Kay,

It appears that video is auto playing so I am assuming you figured out what was going on here - great! Yes, we’ve received similar feedback from other users. We’re hard at work trying to figure out what is going on there and will update you as soon as we can!



Would you mind sending a private reply with temporary WP and FTP credentials to site(s) where you are experiencing the reverting issues?

Also, moving this to the plugin forum.


Thanks Billy, can you send me your email address?

Also, just with the autoplay, I want the video to finish at the end of the clip, so that the logo stays on screen, (like it does when played on QuickTime Player). It reverts to the beginning of the clip again with just the shape.

I can send you the actual mp4 file in an email once I get your email address.