Background Image from edge to edge

Hi Guys

Thank you very much for Beaver Builder. Really starting to enjoy it.

I’m wondering if there is a way to create a background image that goes from edge to edge in the browser. At the moment there is a margin that seems to prevent this from happening.

I watched a video recently on how Beaver Builder is being used in conjunction with Dynamik Website Builder and a piece of code was copied by the author into the custom CSS and Template back-end to enable this to happen.

Can you advise as I really need to be able to do this.

Many Thanks


Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting in touch and glad to hear you are loving BB! Re. your question, you shouldn’t have to use any code to get a row background edge to edge provided the settings are dialed in as such and you are using a theme that supports full width. I’ll provide more on the settings below, but if you are using a different theme than BB, there are edge cases to where you would need code to apply full width. Would you mind telling me what theme you are using with BB?

Re. going full width with a row background, you’ll need to ensure the row settings have full width applied and you’ll want to zero out the margins in the advanced tab. That should get rid of that pesky 20px margin on all sides. Let me know if that works and if you are using a different theme, let me know which and I can assist from there!