Background image not working

I put in a background image at full width, repeating horizontally. It is a gradient:

But no matter what settings I choose, it doesn’t show accurately. You’ll see I have an image with same exact gradient, on top of it. You’ll see the harsh line between image and background That should not be there. They are the same gradient. So the image background is not working correctly. Not sure why? Here are my settings for the background: you can see how they don’t match up but they should.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Mike,

Change your settings to the following:

Repeat: Horizontal
Position: Left Top
Attachment: Scroll
Scale: Fit or None

You might also want to resize your gradient to 1px wide to help reduce load times.

Let us know if that works.

Bam. Thanks! Thanks for the tip on the gradient too. I do know that but was just testing some things.

For some reason, your email notification on forums isn’t working. I never received an email that you replied. It’s not in junk either. Is your forum working fully?

This is the best frontend page editor I have used so far. Visual composer is so overwhelming and a pain to use, as are all the others I’ve tested. Yours seems to have the best of what was good about each of them.

Thanks so much, Colin!

Glad to hear that worked out for you, Mike. Re. the forums, they should be fully operational at the moment. Perhaps the ‘Notify me of follow-up replies via email’ option below wasn’t ticked? If you continue to have issues, just let us know and we’ll troubleshoot!