Background slideshow slow to load


I’m creating a new site at and have used a background slideshow at the top. Is there any way to make the first image load much faster since now the visitor has to look at the white background for quite a while before the first image appears.

TIA for any tips!


Hey Hannu,

Sorry to say but the speed the image loads is actually relative to the hosting company you’re using as well as the user viewing the site. We did build the page builder with speed in mind. You could try looking at adding a caching plugin to your site to increase the loading speed. You could try ZenCache for a free version, or WP Rocket for a premium. Also, you could look at using CDN for your images although I’m not really sure how it works.

Feel free to post this same question over to our FB Group and/or Slack Channel and see if you get another set of recommendations. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!