BB and Formidable Form Views


I have found an interesting conflict between BB and Views in a plugin called Formidable Forms.

Using a shortcode like this: [display-frm-data id=477 filter=1] causes an internal server error on my server whenever I try to use the pagebuilder option to access BB. If I display and edit the page without BB, everything works fine. But as soon as I try to access pagebuilder/bb with this shortcode on the page, the server spins for a few mins and then reports an internal server error.

Interestingly [display-frm-data id=477] works fine with BB. But when the “filter=1” parameter is added, you get the internal server error with BB. “filter=1” forces the data through WP content filters (more information here:

This was not happening in prior versions of BB. I think the 1.6.4 version was a major enough change that it now conflicts with the formidable forms plugin.


Hey Nigel,

Are you specifically getting the 500 internal server error or another one? Also, we did release a minor update which has a bug fix for shortcodes. Are you on that version already?


Hi - I just installed and that seemed to have gotten rid of the issue.


Awesome! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: