BB compatible with Reaktiv's Design Palette Pro plugin?

Thanks to the rave reviews and videos by Kim Doyal, I recently ordered BB. She’s one of your best evangelists!

Like Kim, I’m using Genesis with the Genesis Minimum Pro theme.

I have also installed the Design Palette Pro plugin by Reaktiv to customize the header, menu, footer and widgets. I would like to use BB for the home page content, including Genesis widgets that can be imported through BB.

My question: Can BB and Design Palette Pro be used together?

I have my test site on WampServer 2.2 and have run into some issues. Not yet able to isolate whether these issues are server-related, plugin-related, or me-related (I’m still learning about all this.) So . . . thought I’d better ask about the compatibility of these two plugins up front.

Any info you may have about Design Palette Pro and BB used together would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time!


Hey Ramona,

Thanks for getting in touch and great to hear about the referral! We recently did a podcast with Kim that went great, should be out soon. Anyway, while we’re not familiar with that plugin, there aren’t any known issues with it and BB. I would say you are good to go there, but of course if you run into any issues, just let us know! Thanks, Ramona!


Thanks for the fast response, Billy. Much appreciated!

Looking forward to the podcast . . .