BB conditional logic, url variable

Hi, I am using Translatepress plugin. I want to show/hide a html module based on what language a page is displayed in. If the page is English the url is just
If the page is Portuguese (it adds “pt”) and the url is

The plugin offers a way to use shortcodes in separate text modules but I have to duplicate entire rows (headings/form codes/etc) and sandwich then between these shortcode elements which adds unwanted negative spacing on front end where these text modules are.

Can I . . .how would I do this in Module’s advanced tab>Visibility>Conditional Logic settings?

If you save the rows, you can use their shortcode to show the row or not with the insert layout shortcode.

Hi, I still have to use a text module to put the shortcode(s) in, Those text modules with the shortcode take up space in the layout and push visible content down. I set margins to zero but the text module/shortcode is still occupying space in the layout.

I gave those text blocks a negative top margin of 50px and that seemed to eliminate the space they created.