BB Header & Footer help

Hi guys. First post here. Just got myself Pro and heck, it’s like super awesome. Been using some builders over the years and BB loads blazing fast on front end. Kudos.

Now, I have a little problem. I can’t seem to find the header and footer area to customize. I still need to use Customizer to do so?


Yes, you set the header and footer in the theme’s customizer.
If you want to edit them with BB, you need Beaver Themer, which is an addon.

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Thanks for the reply. I thought so too after reading the KB. What I don’t understand is that I am not sure why it is not bundled up within the package itself. At least for the higher package:)

Of course, I think the work around is to use rows and columns (custom ones).

well Beaver Themer is a newer product then BB and was the first of it’s kind that I know off! No idea why they decided to separate it but then it’s more advanced than BB and might have added additional support load - it’s still cheap for the stuff you can do with it very easily…

Yea. I knew about BB but not the themer. I saw the video and it looks not bad. Just odd for the bundle. Other than that, will see how it goes!

My conversion rate is 4.2 to USD. HAHA!

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Beaver Themer offers more than header / footer / parts editing, it has dynamic connection fields, conditional visibility…
It’s more advanced than Elementor’s theme editing tools for instance.

To edit the header and footer with BB, you can also use a free plugin like this one by UABB:

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Hey Avanti!

Yes, just installed it. Thanks for the heads up!

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