BB issues - Mobile


I just built my first site completely BB! Totally awesome! Thank you

Just have a couple of problems with regards to viewing on mobile.

My slideshow doesn’t want to show full width on mobile.
It works perfectly with images in my my product pages through.

Also, I have created a menu with the BB module but the sub menu products won’t show up on mobile either. Do I have to activate this somewhere?


Hi Lisa,

I’m going to have to look into the SlideShow background further. However, are you saying that you thought the intended behaviour would be that it acts similar to the background photo option?

In regards to your mobile menu, you should be able to toggle the drop-down menus using the down arrow. However, it would appear that the layout default CSS is positioning the menu items to close to the down arrow to toggle the drop-down menu. Instead, it is loading the menu item instead.

To resolve this for the timebeing whilst this gets investigated further you can use the following CSS.

.fl-module-menu .fl-menu li {
    text-align: center;

This should center the menu items.


Hi Danny,

The photo banners are responding perfectly. I’ve copied that row and changed it to slideshow and it not displaying the whole banner.

ooo yes - it is displaying right! I’ll change that now and hopefully that makes a difference.

Thank you Danny.