BB just stops working on Home page after random edits


I have used BB for some time and it’s always been great. One day after some edits, BB stop working only on the home page.

Nothing happens when clikcing on the pencil icon.

I have tried several suggestions and just left it for a month. Today I restored to older revised versions of the home page until I came to one where BB worked. Hooray!

So I started editing again, and kept saving changes, and checking to see if i can click on the pencil icon and BB worked fine. Then after one edit (trying to insert a photo then deleted it, BB stopped working again.
I restored to the previous saved version, where BB did work (3 minutes ago) and now it doesn’t work on that page or several other previous ones where it worked.

Can someone please help? So frustrated. I am not a developr so my ability to troubleshoot is limited. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH.

I FOUND that it is the UABB plugin causing the issue. BUT if I deactivate UABB it removes a lot of our web content. Has anyone had this issue with UABB plugin not allowing you to edit in Beaver Builder out of nowhere??
Thank you!

Have you tried updating Beaver Builder? *noticed you added the url to the site when you posted the same question on the wp forums, and the site you linked is using an old bb version, perhaps the version of uabb you are using is not compatible with the old bb version you have installed.

Hello, Thank you. I have tried installing the newer (lite) version, and deactivated the one we use, and nothing changed. Thank you for replying.

The newer lite version wont fix it, it does not contain any of the pro modules.

Did you get the pro version installed via an agency or something? Whoever installed it, you need to contact them for support as thats who you paid. If you do have a bb licence then feel free to contact us.

Hi thank you for replying. I don’t know that it’s a pre version installed. It was already installed by a developer that is no longer with us.
I put a request in to BB to see if we have a license and have not heard back. I would renew the license if that helps. I can’t seem to get an answer from BB. Any suggestions?

This is the Beaver Builder plug in that we are using is:
Beaver Builder Plugin (Standard Version)
Version | By The Beaver Builder Team

This is the UABB pug in we are using.
Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder
Version 1.28.9 | By Brainstorm Force

Thank you!

You contacted us yesterday ( sunday ) and today ( twice ) your tickets are all in a queue and will be answered.

Version 2.2.6 will NOT work with latest WP, because WP introduced a breaking change with WP 5.5 which we fixed the same day, this was quite a while ago and is probably what your issue is.

I’m glad you see my tickets. I was hoping there was a quicker way to get an answer and resolution.

No, we have a queue, every ticket gets added to that queue and support staff answer those tickets in the order they are submitted. Even people that have paid join the same queue.

Hi @pts

I’ve just this moment replied to your tickets. Unfortunately, your issue is most likely related to the version of Beaver Builder you have installed which is very old i.e. 2.2.

As you’re using someone else’s license your ticket is placed in a queue, but we have license holder tickets which have priority. Also, your initial ticket was sent during the weekend and our support is only available Monday to Friday.

As you’re using someone else’s license you will need to contact them and have them enter their license so you can update Beaver Builder which should resolve your issue.

If you can’t contact them for whatever reason then you will need to purchase your own license from our pricing page. :slight_smile:

Oh ok. Thank you for letting me know.

Hi Danny,

Thank you so much for replying! I just replied to you via email.