BB layout shortcode not rendering correctly

Hi all,

I’ve started developing a site where the footer is actually a BB template that uses the “fl_builder_insert_layout” shortcode.

This has worked great on other sites I’ve created, but for some reason it isn’t rendering correctly for this particular site. The columns are almost piled on top of each other (but not quite). This is only being seen on the front-end, but when I look at the template in the backend, it renders correctly. Hard to explain without seeing the site or screenshots – but I can provide both.

I’ve disabled all plugins to troubleshoot and I’m using “<?php echo do_shortcode( ‘[fl_builder_insert_layout slug=“main-footer”]’ ); ?>” in footer.php using a BB Child Theme.

I’m seeing duplicate behavior in another new site I’m creating as well.

Any ideas?


Hey Desmond,

We’re going to need to see the site for us to check closely. What’s the URL?


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Hey all – any updates? Thanks!

Hey Desmond,

It looks like that plugin is adding several p and br tags to the form that you’re adding, and is causing the extra spacing. Take a look at the screenshot below for reference.

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Can you try adding the shortcode inside the content area instead and see if it helps? You can try hooking it to the fl_content_close action so it fires before the closing content </div> tag.

Let us know how it goes!