BB not working on Genesis Metro Pro Child Theme

I was initially using BB with Dynamik Website Builder, testing some things. It seemed to work fine. I then deleted DWB and BB and activated the Metro Pro Theme from Studio Press. Now when I launch the page builder, no drag and drop elements appear on the right side of the screen and all the way down at the bottom of the screen, the editor appears beneath my website footer along with the following, in all text form. ???

Row Layouts
1 Column 2 Columns 3 Columns 4 Columns 5 Columns 6 Columns Left Sidebar Right Sidebar Left & Right Sidebar
Basic Modules
Heading Photo Separator Text Editor Video
Advanced Modules
Accordion Button Call to Action Callout Contact Form Content Slider Gallery HTML Icon Icon Group Map Menu Posts Posts Carousel Posts Slider Pricing Table Sidebar Slideshow Social Buttons Subscribe Form Tabs Testimonials
WordPress Widgets
Akismet Widget Archives Calendar Categories Custom Menu Genesis - Featured Page Genesis - Featured Posts Genesis - User Profile Genesis - eNews Extended Meta Ninja Forms Widget Pages RSS Recent Comments Recent Posts Search Simple Social Icons Tag Cloud Text
Saved Rows
No saved rows found.
Saved Modules
No saved modules found.

Hey Kassim,

Wow, that is very strange. Are you attempting to use BB on a page template that is provided by the theme and already has elements built in by chance? BB won’t work on a page that already has elements hard coded into the page template. Can I have you try a blank page and see if you get the same thing? Let me know what you find! We may need admin access to troubleshoot this, but let me know on above beforehand and we’ll go from there.


I’m using a blank page on the Metro Pro theme from Studio Press. The only thing showing up on the page is the header, navigation and footer widgets at the bottom. Could this be an issue with some files left behind from the initial installation of BB and DWB, before I installed BB again?

Hey Kassim,

Good to hear back. Doubtful on left over files. Would you mind providing us temp admin access via private reply so we can take a look?


Not unless it was absolutely necessary. What type of trouble shooting would you be doing? I’ve deactivated plugins, tried uninstalling and re-intalling, tried different pages, etc. When I had this combined with DYWB it worked fine, so I’m thinking there has to be an issue with it working with the Metro Pro theme.

Hey Kassim,

It’s a bit tough to troubleshoot an issue like this without being able to login and try it directly, view the error log, etc. Are you seeing any errors you can provide us? Also, now that I read through this again, did you by chance do some modification with Dynamik before you switched themes? Do you have a caching plugin installed?


No changes done with Dynamik. I played around with BB while Dynamik was live and Dynamik has it’s own child theme. There was no issues. Then I uninstalled Dynamik and BB and started using the Metro Pro theme. That’s when the issue occurred. No caching plugin installed. My sites runs on and I purged the cache via the interface through my Wordpress dashboard. I can send a screenshot of what the page looks like, so you can see exactly what I’m talking about as far how weird BB looks on the page now.

Hey Kassim,

Yes, a screenshot may help. Feel free to send that along. Imgur works well here. I hate to say it, but this may be one where we’ll really only be able to troubleshoot by logging in. You could also shoot the theme over to us for testing I suppose. We can then install and check it out on our end. You can use themes[at]fastlinemedia[dot]com.


I just sent the theme and screenshot over. The screenshot shows what I see at the bottom of my website footer after I click “launch page builder” from my WP editor. No BB drag and drop elements load at the top right of the page or anything.

Thanks Kassim, we’ll do some testing on our end and get back to you as soon as we have something to report.


Hey Kassim,

I tested the Metro Pro theme and wasn’t able to recreate this issue on my end. It’s very bizarre and not something we’ve ever seen before, especially since it’s trying to load the front-end interface on the post edit screen.

Does it go away if you deactivate BB?

Are you sure that all plugins have been deactivated?

I know you are hesitant to give us temporary admin access, but that might be the easiest way for us to diagnose this. Let me know if we can get that.


Wow, this is annoying. Just to be clear … I shouldn’t see a BB theme in my themes section, correct? I don’t need that to be there in order for this to work, right?. I forgot to mention, I think, that I also had BB Dambuster installed too.

I had DWB, BB and Dambuster all installed and they all worked fine together. I then deleted all of them and just started using the Metro Pro theme, and that also worked fine … until I started trying to use BB again. This is why I’m thinking that some files were left behind from either the initial installation of BB or DWB or Dambuster that is now in conflict with the new installation.

This makes no sense.

I see this on the settings page of BB at the bottom:

The builder does not delete the post meta _fl_builder_data, _fl_builder_draft and _fl_builder_enabled in case you want to reinstall it later. If you do, the builder will rebuild all of its data using those meta values.

This shouldn’t be an issue?

Still trouble shooting. Tried different browsers. I’m on a mac using Safari and tried Firefox as well. Still having the same problem. I even tried different themes and the same problem exists. Are there any known plugin conflict issues? It can’t be this hard to get this to work, if it’s going to work. Is anyone still there?

Hi Kassim,

Thought I would jump in to add my observations.

Here is my set up:
Mac Mini, OS/X 10.10.5, Safari 8.0.8 (10600.8.9), BB Pro 1.6.4, Genesis 2.2.3, Metro Pro 2.0.1

No problems adding new BB content or editing existing BB content.

And I still have DWB installed, but all I did was upload the latest Metro Pro and activate it.
Additionally, I still have Genesis Dambuster installed and active.

Just to check, but are you using the latest Genesis 2.2.3 and the latest Metro Pro 2.0.1? If so, I may suggest there is an issue with your server configuration. Also, as you did not provide a URL, what server is the site running, Apache or nginx?


iMac running El Capitan with Safari 9.0. Latest Genesis and latest Metro. I’m using for managed wordpress hosting and didn’t have an issue before when I had DWB installed, using it with BB and Dambuster. This issue was created all on the same day. All I did was delete DWB, BB and Dambuster. Reinstalled BB later to use with Metro Pro theme and now it won’t work.

Fixed. I deleted BB again. Purged cache again. Just downloaded a fresh plugin file from the member area and re-uploaed and installed. Now it’s working. I don’t know if something was wrong with my previous zip or what.

Great news, thanks for letting us know, Kassim! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: