BB plugin is being prevented from running on my SiteGround account


I haven’t been able to view my site since I updated the BB plugin yesterday. My host (SiteGround) is telling me there are too many script calls. Can you please help me ASAP? Here is the message I just received from SiteGround:

Hello Nick,

We have investigated your case and the problem is produced by the plugin named “bb-plugin”. That plugin is loading too much scripts which are taking too much time to load properly and so the index.php script for your website reaches the allowed script execution time on the shared server and is being killed by our automated server monitoring system.

As you most probably already know your account is hosted on a shared hosting platform, which means that there are other users currently hosted on it and sharing the server resources with you. So in order to ensure that all accounts are using an equal share of server resources we have set limits to all accounts on the shared server and I am afraid that these limits cannot be changed on a per user request. We could only change these limits on our Cloud and Dedicated hosting account solutions, so you could consider upgrading to such.

To resolve the problem I have disabled the plugin for you and now your website is loading normally. If you would like to use the plugin, please contact its developers as they should be able to assist you in resolving the issue with it.

If you need any assistance on our end, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best Regards,

Georgi K.
Technical Support Team

Hey Andrew,

My apologies for the hassle! Would it be possible to provide temporary admin/FTP access to check this out? I know that we have a number of users successfully running BB on SiteGround, so this definitely seems out of the ordinary.


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Thanks, Andrew! Checking this out now.

Hey Andrew,

You’re all set! There’s an edge case issue with certain shortcodes/widgets in that we’ve seen once before. Looks like it was affecting your site as well. I’ve patched it and have a fix queued up for next week’s release.


BTW, great looking site! :slight_smile:

Hi Justin,

I was a bit alarmed when I read this post as I’ve just started hosting with Siteground, I have 3 sites with them and I’m pleased to say I’ve checked the sites and they look fine. I’m also pleased to see that you’ll be releasing a fix to head off any potential problems. Great to see that you’ve stepped in to fix Andrew’s issue, another demonstration of fantastic support from BB!

Also, if it’s OK with you I’ll post an observation on Siteground hosting. The quality of hosting and support are superb in most respects and also great value. Having said that I’ve just found out that on the GrowBig package that I’m on you’re only able to have one security certificate, that might be a problem going forward. It may be that their reseller account is an option to look at.

Justin, thanks so much for getting this issue fixed. You guys rock! And thanks for the kind words about the website, too!

@gerryi-netco-co-uk Sorry to cause alarm. It was an edge case issue, so most BB sites were fine. We’ve heard nothing but good things about SiteGround!

@behladesign You’re welcome!