BB saved rows/templates with Polylang

Hi, I have previously build succesfully multilingual pages with BB & Polylang. I have saved the templates and rows within the first language and then opened the second language page and found the saved templates/rows there so I can use them. Now those saved templates/rows do not appear in the second language page at all.
What to do? Build the entire second language version from the beginning, create the layout etc. from the crach?

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I have this exact same issue - modules and rows saved in one language do not appear in the saved modules when in the second language. Also, Beaver Builder translates itself into the other language, and very badly, ie mostly shows errors where the French should be. How to stop this?

A partial solution to allow saved BeaverBuilder modules to show up in all languages - make sure that Polylang is NOT translating Custom post types and Taxonomies.

Go to Languages > Settings > Custom post types and Taxonomies and uncheck both boxes. Clear the cache.

This allows modules saved while working in one language to show up in other languages.