BB stopped working, can't edit any content

Hi, i’ve been using the plugin yesterday with no issues and created a couple of pages.

I’ve come today to make some changes and after opening the page builder nothing happens. I’m unable to edit any content. I’ll post login details below.


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Hey guys, sorry about the issues this morning.

Paul, can I do some experimenting on your site? I’d like to disable some plugins and try changing themes to see if there is a conflict? Let me know if that’s okay.

Mike, can you possible send me login details to the site you’re having trouble with. And or, are you seeing any Javascript console errors? Any additional information would be super helpful. We’re still trying to pin down what the issue is here.


Okay, after looking at this a bit closer I believe there is a conflict with Revolution Slider. Mike, are you by chance using rev slider on the site you’re having trouble with?

I am not 100% sure yet, but if there is a way to temporarily remove the slider from the pages you’re having trouble with, I think that might fix things up.

Paul, okay good news! I found a quick fix. Justin (our lead dev) is out of town today so it might take a few days to roll out an official fix. The jQuery waypoints library was being called by rev slider before it was loaded. I forced the library to load by adding this line in your header (I did this in your theme settings)

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The builder is loading now. We’ll take a look at this in more detail ASAP and hopefully come out with a better solution. But for now, everything should be working.

Sorry again for the trouble.

Great stuff, thanks Robby.

My pleasure. We’ll follow up when we have a better answer!

Hey Paul! I wanted to follow up with you on this issue. Justin was able to log in and take a look. He removed the line of code I added and it seems like the original issue was no longer happening!? Did you update any of your code or plugins?

You can try removing the line of code I added to your header and see if the issue is resolved. Or, if you can provide access for me again (the login details from above are no longer working) I would be happy to do it too.


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Hey Mike. Can you shoot me a link to the site you’re having trouble with. Also, if you can provide an admin login, that would be helpful too. Sorry you’re having issues…

Hey Mike. A couple things going on here. First, I popped up the Builder Test page and it looks like you’re getting fatal error there because WordPress/PHP doesn’t have enough memory. On most web hosts, this is a pretty simple fix. You can checkout this article for reference on that:

When you pop up the builder on that page, there is a javascript error on the page that is breaking BB. I believe the problem is coming from the MediaElementPlayer.js file when it’s being minified by the Better WordPress Minify plugin.

Minifying Javascript files can often cause javascript errors like this. You could experiment with the BWM plugin’s settings and try removing that file. Also, you could check if there is a way to disable minification when an admin user is logged it. You could also experiment with another caching/minification plugin. We’ve like using W3 Total Cache because you can toggle it off for logged in users. We also like QuickCache, but the free version doesn’t include minification/concatenation, so that might not be the right choice for this site. It’s still pretty speedy, though!

Lastly, if you want to stick with BWM, you could try disabling the plugin and see if that allows you to use BB. You could always disable it, make your edits, and reenable it.

Let me know if any of these suggestions work (I didn’t want to experiment on your live site), or if there is anything else I can help with!

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Absolutely! Glad that worked!