BB Tabs and their SEO Impact

Dear Forum Members,

We were reading the following article about how ‘tabs’ perform with regards to SEO:

We have a variety of FAQ pages where we use tabs. Here are two examples:

Would these types of tabs be affected by the findings of the study we link to?

What are your experiences with BB Tabs and how their SEO performance? We have the impression that these pages underperform and wonder whether the results of the study above might be the explanation.

We very much appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

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Pairfum London

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Dear Forum Members,

We had the following reply from Support at BeaverBuilder on this and paste it here for anybody with the same concern:

I’ve checked in with one of our developers and they see no issues whatsoever.
*We use a very simple system for our Tabs, and you can see that all the content is there, in the page’s source code, for Google to see… *
CSS is used to display or hide elements from the front end, for the users, but Google sees all. :slight_smile:
I hope that reassures you that your content will all be seen.
Have a great day