BB Text Editor only allowing HTML

Hello, the BB Text Editor module only allows for HTML input. Also, the UABB Text Editor does the same. The WYSIWYG editor does not allow me to switch back and forth between Text and HTML (the tabs are missing.) I don’t believe it was always like this, I think this is new. But I haven’t updated the theme and I don’t have many plugins running, so I’m not sure what the problem could be.

What version of Beaver Builder are you using?

Version Think that might be the issue? It’s a new issue, so that would be weird.

The BB plugin looks like it’s out of date. Question: BB was installed as part of a website builder package from GoDaddy. Is there a chance there is an activation code for this website that you might be able to see on the backend? I can’t seem to find one with the admin email address associated. Maybe you could check? The website is Thanks! T

I dont think that domain has ever had a license activated on it.

You will need to contact support to get more info.