BB Theme + BB Pliugin and portability

Hi Guys,

Debating whether to use BB theme or build my own and note that Carrie Dils mentions here - - that “This is a regular WordPress theme, but with all the Beaver Builder functionality baked in.”

Could you please clarify for me what, if anything, is “baked in” as my preferred scenario is for my site to be portable, i.e. I can move from the BB theme to my own or another in the future and provided the new theme has the BB plugin installed all my page content will migrate painlessly.

Many Thanks.

Hey Mark,

The Page Builder functionalities aren’t really baked in to our theme, the theme is a separate product altogether. You’ll still need to activate the BB plugin before you can start using the Page Builder even if you’re using our theme. You should be able to switch to any theme you want without losing the layout you’ve created provided the BB plugin is activated.

Hope this makes sense and let us know if we can assist further! :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben - that was my understanding - the theme simply framework for content and moving to, for example Genesis + child or a custom theme of my own building shouldn’t be an issue. Not sure what Carrie thought was “baked in” then.