BB-Theme stylesheet was not loading, 404 error

This bb-theme CSS file was not loading: /wp-content/uploads/bb-theme/skin-60b5f4cade960.css.

Actually, I have fixed this issue, but I have not found this solution anywhere that’s why I am adding it here. Maybe it will helpful for someone.

It might happen due to the incorrect media path. You check it in Settings > Media: Here you can check the custom upload media path. Make sure it is set to the default /wp-content/uploads/.

If it does not help than please follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Beaver Builder debug mode, from Beaver Builder > Tools > Enable Debug Mode.

  2. Then copy the Debug URL (That will be some thin like this:

  3. Open debug URL in new tab

  4. Here you can find the error which is creating the problem.