BB Theme with SSL - security warning due to http for header and logo images

I am using the BB Child Theme.
I have WooCommerce and have enabled the force SSL for checkout option so that the page uses https. SSL is installed and working, however the logo image and the header and widgets footer background images that you can set in the Customizer are not using https: and thus are causing the page to say it contains insecure elements.
Is there a workaround for this?
The checkout page is here:

Thank you!

Hey Alane,

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Could you try resetting those images in the theme customizer, save it, and see if that takes care of it? Also, try clearing the BB cache. Let us know how it goes!


Thank you Ben, unfortunately it still persists with using the unsecure url for the css and logo images. I repeated the steps of replacing the images, cleared the BB cache and then opened a separate browser that I have not used to visit the site ever before to make sure I wasn’t getting any browser cache issues.

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Hey Alane,

Is there a reason you only wanted to secure the checkout page? Why not secure the entire site instead?


We could go SSL for the whole site, though I thought that is still generally discouraged as it causes an extra load on the server. The site is small so that’s probably not a big deal in this case. I’ll just have the whole site use SSL.

But is this something that will be addressed in future versions of the theme so that it can load the appropriate image if a page is secured or not?

Hey Alane,

I’ll post a bug/enhancement report for this and see what we can do. Thanks for the heads up!



Try using Jetpack and switch on Photon, your images are then served through the cdn and secure. This worked for me!


Thanks a pretty cool suggestion, thanks Kat!