BB Theme, Woocommerce and Single Product Page Customisation

Can someone give me a quick heads up on the following.

Using the latest BB theme and Woocommerce and I want to customise the single product pages. I’ve got as far as copying single-product.php into the child-theme\woocommerce folder but struggling to find out where to go from there. For the theme template I’m using No Header/Footer on all pages so that I can have a more customised header. The product pages template default to Default Theme so I need all product pages to include my custom header.

Hey Cliff,

Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, what you are trying to do takes a lot of coding work. For one, you can’t use the Page Builder to modify the single product template from WooCommerce. What you did allows you to change the template, but through hard code, not through the Page Builder. Also the No Header/Footer only works on Pages, not Single Posts.

Single Posts, e.g., product pages from WooCommerce, pulls the header from the theme. If you’re not using the theme header, you can customize your header.php instead to call your header template. You can try checking this thread for a way to do that. I’d only suggest doing it if you’re comfortable writing PHP though. :slight_smile:


Hi, we have a great article that walks you through step-by-step how to customize WooCommerce single product pages.