BB UI Not Opening -- Zero Resolution in 2 Hours


This is supremely frustrating…

  1. This forum states to create a support ticket for the BB UI not showing.
  2. I cannot create an account to send a support ticket.
  3. I have done the troubleshooting per knowledge base and back to step 1; frustrating circle.
  4. I cannot email, chatbot, or call anyone to solve this, so I am posting now.


  1. When I click the Launch Beaver Builder button in my WP site, the UI does not appear and I get a thinking circle.
  2. My site settings urls match, my roles are setup right, I don’t have a plugin conflict, and I’m running the latest plugin version.
  3. I am using a theme, am using GoDaddy reseller, and just want to use your pligin.
  4. I have debugging enabled.
  5. This plugin came recommended and was giving the recommender issues as well.
  6. Can anyone help?


You don’t have to create a BB account to open a ticket if you have a valid paid licence of BB.
Unless it’s BB free?

About your issue, did you try to open the browser’s console and check for errors?

I am free license through plugin search in WordPress.

I got rid of the ad block and popup block but see this now.

Ok, so free license > free support on this forum or others (FB, Slack…), and it could take time depending on the volunteer people available, able…
Priority support is mainly what you buy with a paid license, it makes sense no?

I’m no troubleshooting expert but your issue looks related to a JS conflict, between plugins, plugin and the theme, or maybe related to your hosting provider, i’m not sure.
But now you have a clue: "Cannot read property 'model' of undefined".
Some other capable people might answer you here.


Thank you for your support.

Please don’t think I am seeking something for free here. Go up to my original post and see my previous bullet points (went through at least four [and some twice] knowledge base articles, ruled out a plugin conflict, or a https: v http: conflict) for two hours prior to posting here. I put my time in and did my diligence with Mr. Google researching my error message as well before I posted. And after going through circles and coming back through BB threads that returned the same rubber wall of go back to your original starting point, I’m likely to go to Fiverr to pay someone to fix the issue as this plugin works “wonderfully” per a high recommendation.

Now that my rant is over, I’m free to work on other things and may post on the FB page today.

I do appreciate your support. Thank you a bunch.

Alana Web

I understand your frustation as i have felt the same way many times (and will again), but that’s inherent to site building and aggregating bricks from many different sources in my opinion.
Patience is highly recommended in this area, it’s often like a treasure hunt when things go wrong :wink:
Good luck, i’m sure you’ll find how to fix at some point.

As its been previously mentioned you do not need a license or pay a penny to contact the support desk.

Just go there and fill out the form: select general enquiry.

Make sure to include a url to the site and a login and someone can have a look for you.

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