BB won't remotely update (either with ManageWP or InfiniteWP)

I scanned forums and the knowledgebase and found only one other issue close to ours, but didn’t see any resolution:

We manage more than 40 sites using InfiniteWP and do so since it is A LOT less expensive than ManageWP, scales better, and the team is incredibly responsive when bugs do appear.

We run updates every single day across all types of sites. We know which ones have plugins requiring a login, updating manually, and viewing the site (e.g., Woocommerce + add-ons).

Unless I can fix this issue, Beaver Builder won’t scale and we’ll have to stop using it.

Beaver Builder updates are problematic on all sites, even a brand new, tiny handful of plugins, ‘sandbox’ site.

Here is what happens:

<li>BB update notification appears in InfiniteWP (and yes, every other plugin, theme, comment, backup schedule, etc., works flawlessly)</li>

<li>BB plugin won't update remotely</li>

<li>We then have to login to each site. The "Installed Plugins &gt; Beaver Builder Plugin" appears yellow but no update option appears.</li>

<li>We have to refresh the Plugins page and *then* the "update now" link appears and we update.</li>

Again, this is across six sites (so far) and, if we can’t update remotely, we have to stop using what we’ve found to be the awesome BB plugin.

Any ideas on what we can do?

Hey Steve,

Sorry to hear about the issues! We’re going to do some testing on our end and will get back with you soon.


Hey Steve,

I just tested this with InfiniteWP and was able to update Beaver Builder on a site remotely. Are you getting any kind of error response from InfiniteWP?


I had this issue when I’d forgot to put my license key in the plugin on a site…just a thought.

Hey Billy and Justin - Don’t know how I missed the email on this one. Nope…not getting any error from InfiniteWP.

Thanks Chris, but all license keys are in all sites.

Thanks, Steve. Would it be possible to get temporary admin and FTP access to a site that is having this issue?

Before we do that, I’ve got a ticket in to InfiniteWP for them to examine our panel and integrations. Let me eliminate that first this week.

Probably should have connected with them a third time (we’ve done it twice already) but something cropped up today that is making me think there has to be a glitch in our IWP install (two low-level sites we don’t log in to very often appeared to have updated a few plugins, but in fact had not).

Please don’t close this for a few days and thanks!

Hi Steve,

Sounds good! That may very well be the case as I was able to update BB on a site with IFWP. Let us know how it goes.


Hey Steve,

Just wondering if the IFWP team got back to you on this?


Hi Steve,

I just noticed your email and wanted to follow up on that.

Some commercial or premium plugins do not have a compatible code written for IWP and this is for the plugin developer to work on. We suggest you to manually update the plugin till a compatible code is written by beaver builder or any other premium plugin provider that you are using.

To be quite honest, this is a bit of a vague response on their end that isn’t really much help. Can you ask the person you are in contact with what needs to be done to make a premium plugin compatible? Do they have documentation on that? We’re using the core WordPress updater, so it’s not readily apparent what we need to do to be compatible with their bespoke system.

Additionally, I was able to update BB remotely on a site using my test instance of IFWP, so I’m not entirely sure compatibility is the issue. Hopefully they’ll be a bit more helpful the next time around so we can get this resolved for you.