bbPress and bb-theme

Dear support

I want to setup a forum with bbPress and bb-theme. I created a page (support) and put the shortcode [bbp-forum-index] in it. On that “forum”-page I can set the site template to “sidebar-template”.

But: On the official bbPress forums site and on every topic-site it uses the fullwidth template. Can you tell me how to setup so that I alway have the sidebar-layout (the same way as you have on this support forum)?

Thanks a lot for your answer

Hey, I’ve got it! Just needed to copy the ‘tpl-sidebar.php’ and rename it to ‘bbpress.php’. bbPress sees that file and uses this template. Great.

If I place that file in my bb-child-theme directory then it does not work. I need to place it in the bb-theme… Is it not possible to place a template in a child-theme?


Hey Dominic,

I tried placing my bbpress.php to my child theme directory on my local dev and it works just fine. You can take a look at this bbpress codex for more information on the templates they use.


Thanks, Ben!

No problem, Dominic! Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: