Beaver Builder 2.3 Alpha

This is the 1st alpha for our next major release of Beaver Builder.
Please do not use it on production sites, this build is for testing only.

This first build contains four major changes for you to try out

History Manager
Every time you make a change in a layout the state of the page is saved allowing you to quickly move forward and back to restore or undo changes.

Touch Support
People that have iPads should find editing layouts is much easier with this alpha.

Module Copy/Paste
Yes, you asked for it and here it is! You can now export any modules settings to the clipboard and paste it into another module anywhere on the internet! No more exporting and importing via files.

We have tweaked the way layouts are saved in the database and saved approx 60% space on average.

The zip will be available from your account area.


  • Fixed JS errors in undo/redo


  • Fixed JS errors in copy paste module settings code.
  • Added translation support to module copy/paste.


  • Added error feedback under import button instead of in the textarea.
  • All settings are exported now, including visibility/logic settings.

This looks great! Happy to see the history list with undo in the feature list! The modules copy and paste will be nice too!

Agree, very promising. Will try it locally. Missing some things that Elementor has, so this is good.

New update


  • Added error feedback under import button instead of in the textarea.
  • All settings are exported now, including visibility/logic settings.
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New update


  • Body classes are now added based on device size, fl-builder-breakpoint-small etc
  • Module screen revamp in wp-admin, see screenshot below.
  • All updates from are included in this release. ( will be released Monday )

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New update!

  • All updates from latest hotfixes
  • Modules option page reworked see screenshot.
  • If modules are disabled in the admin UI they no longer load AT ALL, they are totally disabled.


New Update, alpha.7
The module/column/row visibility icon will now reveal in the tooltip what rule is active ( logged in/out ) and if Logic is enabled the icon will be another colour.



Any updates on the alpha version?

Happy Friday!

Alpha.8 just released :slight_smile:

The module settings import/export got a major update and you can now choose between exporting all the settings or just the styles.

The other major change was the settings performance patch was reverted for now as it was causing more issues than it fixed which is a shame, we may revisit it later.


Thanks for this. Good to have both options. Shame about the performance, but it means I can use the Beaver Team Pro addon so now will do more testing with the Alpha/Beta.

Will the undo/history option have a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-Z)?

It should already support it.

Hi David.

alpha.9 is out and it should fix your broken modules on fresh install issue.

As for the performance patch, could have named it better to be honest as all it did was reduce the size of the settings object in post meta by removing values that were not set. It caused issues though :confused:

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Tuesday is of course alpha.10 day!

In this release we have added support the new Font Awesome Duotone set!!

Not only that but now there is no need for a filter to enable the pro sets, we added options in the admin area, you can also add your KIT url here to take advantage of the new FA5 kits.


Friday is alpha.12 day!

It includes all the updates in 2.2.5 which will be on the official changelog page once its released.

This version adds support for shortcodes in layout/global CSS and JS.

To enable this feature you need to set the fl_enable_shortcode_css_js filter to true. This will also disable the code checking for css and js … because it will see raw shortcodes as a markup issue.

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Thanks Simon,

For the more simple minded among us could you give an example of how we might use this.


Hi David,
Come see on BB Slack, we’ve discussed this topic. :wink:
Basically, it’s about replacing a value in custom CSS or JS in a BB layout by a BB shortcode (that dynamically fetches the value of course).


you could use conditionals like someone tested:

or perhaps use any shortcode to do whatever you like!

There will be support added to Themer alpha too for shortcodes in post-grid custom css coming soon.


Thanks so much. I really should visit there more.

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