Beaver Builder 2.3 Beta

Hello everyone! We have now reached beta stage with 2.3. As always, thank you for testing!

Changelog is below.


Beta 1

  • Undo/Redo
  • History Manager
  • Touch Support: Use BB on a mobile device.
  • Module Copy/Paste Settings (in Advanced tab)
  • Body classes added based on device size fl-builder-breakpoint-small
  • New filter to completely disable modules from loading is_module_disable_enabled
  • Visibility icon now shows what rule is active (e.g. logged in / out)
  • FontAwesome: Enable Pro in settings as well as added support for Kits and the DuoTone icon set
  • Added new filter to enable shortcodes in layout/global CSS and JSfl_enable_shortcode_css_js
  • Decreased page load by approximately 20% by caching internal variables
  • New BigCommerce module (BigCommerce plugin required)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix scrolling not working when trying to move elements while Responsive Editing is enabled
  • Subscribe Form Module: Fixed HTML being stripped out of success message

Great work, but instead of “forcing” touch support on Mobile Devices i would suggest just to enhance and improving the flexibility for each modules BB already had.

I find some modules really lacking essential features, we don’t need more modules. But at least we need a modules that also advanced enough to tweak and of course more integration support,

I mean, how many people will really build a page with BB in Mobile? Very small percentage of it.

We actually had a lot of requests for it. Not everyone will use it but it was enough for us to work on the support.

As for improvements to existing modules, that is still on the roadmap. Should have more details on that by the end of the year :slight_smile:

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We are so excited for the Undo/Redo & History options & and module copy/paste! Thank you for making them a reality!


I respect that decision, i’ve a list of potential bugs but i will post it after my project is completed :slight_smile:

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2.3 Beta 2 - 11/25/2019


  • Remember which settings tab was last open when opening new settings windows.
  • Debug Info: Show modules and includes folder paths if used in child theme and what modules are being overridden.
  • Sort the Template Category in the Page Builder UI when override is enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed DuoTone icon issues with IconGroup Module
  • Fixed default text still appearing even after being removed
  • Fixed Accordion label background icon css issue
  • Fixed Accordion issue where DuoTone options were showing when they shouldn’t be


  • Fixed issue where EventEspresso stylesheet hides Text Editor module tabs and Add Media Button
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2.3 Beta 3 - 11/27/2019

Bug Fix

  • Fixed Importer issues.
  • Fixed Font Awesome Shim CSS.

2.3 stable is out so closing