Beaver Builder 2.5.3

2.5.3 - 03/31/2022


  • WooCommerce Module: Add product tags as a source
  • Performance: Cache duplicate queries
  • Adjust box shadow field so it is consistent with text shadow
  • Update fluid package
  • Update vendor packages

Bug Fixes

  • Icon Group Module: Fix icon width being too narrow in preview
  • Fix conflict with WooCommerce Tab Manager
  • Post Carousel Module: Fix navigation arrows being on top of the mega menu of the Menu Module
  • Post Module: fix no posts message not showing when it should during preview of an Archive layout
  • Exclude the Block Widget from the BB UI as it has no purpose in the UI
  • Button Group: Hide align field when using vertical align and default width
  • Update stats URL to use https
  • Fix issue with InlineEditor.onEditorChange sometimes showing field is undefined
  • Fix search placement in content panel
  • WooCommerce: Fix BB not working if Product Description is blank
  • Fix a PHP Notice with WordPress Widgets
  • Fix bottom row shape leaving a thin line when using midpoint
  • Fix Row full height setting affecting nested rows via shortcode
  • Fix tooltips being narrow in form fields set to multiple
  • TEC: Fix recurring events being shown in the Posts module when they should be excluded

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