Beaver Builder affecting Standard Editor

Got a big issue with BB affecting the standard editor. I was under the impression that would not affect this however when using the standard text editor the text now appears as 'invisible" white code. This is not ideal as the client wishes to only use the basic editor whilst I use BB for more complex pages?

Yes, unfortunately you have to chose one editor or the other. Hopefully the client doesn’t need to make changes on the more complex pages and you can use Beaver Builder for those. And, hopefully the standard editor will do what you need for the pages the client does need to work on.

My issue is the standard editor is not functioning with the BB Active. The text is in code and white so not ideal for the client. It may well be another plugin but we are investigating BBs direct effect. The idea was to flip between the two depending on whether the page is basic or more involved however this is not working and so we either need a fix or bin BB.