Beaver Builder and Safari = Not Friends?

Hey BB Crew,

Normally, I use Safari for my Beaver Buildering but today, I noticed that the plugin had been updated with the new global rows (yes!) but all of a sudden the behavior was terrible. Nothing would highlight blue as I hovered over it. The rows would flicker as I touched the edge only.

It was never like that before. Have you noticed this?

Hi Bodie,

That doesn’t sound good. Have you tried it in another browser?

Just want to confirm if the problem is only occurring in Safari.


Firefox works great, so I used it all day. However I am much more friendly towards Safari. Just wondering if I was the only one experiencing anything like that.

Hi Bodie,
Is this on Mac or Windows (Safari for Windows has ended development, and although it does work, is very old now!)
Current version of Safari on my Mac is 8.0.8
Cheers, Dave

Ok, it must be my work computer that is wonky. It works fine at home. Just ignore me!

Hey Bodie,

Glad it’s working fine for now! But definitely let us know if it happens again! :slight_smile:


Hello Beaver Community,

I know that this topic is closed, but one of my clients is experiencing the same issue as Bodie experienced recently with Safari 8.0.8 on a Mac, but she wasn’t able to select any rows or modules at all. She doesn’t have issues with Chrome or Firefox.

In order to gather more information, I’ve asked some of my colleagues to validate on their Macs (I’m on Windows 10). BB works perfectly on Safari version 8.0 build number 10600.1.25.1. I gather there is some conflict with version 8.0.8.

This note is simply to provide some additional details, as I think there’s something going on for sure.

Hey Pablo,

Thanks for getting in touch! I just gave it a shot on Safari 8.0.8 and can’t seem to replicate the issues on my end. Let us know what you hear back and we’ll certainly take a look, but not quite sure if there is a bug here on our end.