Beaver Builder and WP Views + Shortcode is showing incorrect results


I have Beaver Builder set up on a test site ( We’re working on a system where the user finds their nearest consultant using custom post types from WP Types, and then the site changes the default contact values to those of the consultant. It’s all working except in Beaver Builder pages where it shows the data when it shouldn’t.

Half way down the page there’s a row that says “Contact Paula today to book your LIV experience! Start planning…” which shouldn’t show unless you’ve visited a consultants page first. There’s a shortcode which is the ID number of the consultant for the view to look up, and show the contact details. If I put the shortcode in a text box in Beaver Builder it shows the correct ID number (i’ve put it underneath the row), but if I put the views shortcode into Beaver Builder [wpv-view name=“home-contact-block” ids="[design-consultant]"] it shows me the wrong result.

I’m at a bit stuck as to why it works everywhere else, but not when it’s used through Beaver Builder.

I had a brainwave after I clicked submit.

If the shortcode is entered directly into a Text Editor Module it doesn’t work, But I tried adding a Wordpress Text Widget and putting the shortcode into it and this works correctly. I’m guessing it’s because views wants the shortcode [design-consultant] within the shortcode to show the view.

Hey Keith,

Would you mind granting us temporary admin access to the site so we can check further? You can do so via private reply.