Beaver Builder Announcement Bar

I added an announcement bar to my website using the Beaver Builder Themer Layout. Once published, the bar looks normal on my Chrome window, but on Safari and Edge, the bar’s formatting is messed up. The background color does not show up and the font is not centered like it should be. Are there any solutions to this?

I replied to your ticket, its caching.

Thanks for your reply!

I originally used the Announcement Bar in the Beaver Builder Layout. I republished this one so you can see it. These are the steps I used to create it: How to Add an Announcement Bar in WordPress (In 3 Steps) | Beaver Builder. It is still not showing correctly.

For the Easy Notifications Bar, how do I fix the caching?

Well you use a cache plugin, when you change/add the announcement you will need to clear the cache via the cache plugin, wp-rocket i believe.

Thank you! I will try that.

As far as the issue I am having with the Beaver Builder announcement bar above the header, do you have any ideas on how to fix that one not appearing correctly?