Beaver Builder cache problem

Is it possible to deactivate the BB cache function completely and serve images directly from the default Wordpress uploads folder? My problem is that the images served from the BB cache have a substantial bigger file size than the original images in my Media library. Images that are around 20kb in the media upload folder are inflated by factor 5 to over 100kb when saved in the BB cache folder. Is BB copying the original images to its cache or are these cached images recreated?

This behavior is super annoying since all my images are edited and compressed by hand before upload. I have also completely disabled the standard Wordpress image compression and resizing functions to be able to use my original images which is now torpedoed by BB’s cache behavior. I hope there’s a solution. Thanks in advance.

Since the cached images are renamed (e.g. with a -landscape addition) I assume that they are recreated with this massively inflated file size. I really need a solution to prevent this behavior please. A code snippet to include in my child theme’s functions.php would be the perfect solution. If this is possible at all of course. Thanks.

Those images are “cropped” When you select cropping in a photo module, or a module that is using a photo module the image is cropped and stored in the uploads folder. Doing the cropping is CPU intensive which is why the resulting imaged is saved there. Then next time the module loads it does not have to recrop the image.

So your solution is to crop images yourself THEN upload them rather then letting the plugin crop them for you and cache those images.

Damn… I have no idea why I didn’t realize that based on the -landscape addition to the filename. For some reason the default setting for newly added images was set to “cropped - landscape” (probably cached/remembered somewhere/somehow). Changed them all to “none” and now all the inflated cached images are gone. Thank you very much pross. You made my day.

Now I’m curious. Is there any way to enforce the selection of “none” for cropping in the photo settings to avoid accidental cropping in the future?

None is the default so not much to do there. At least you are sorted :slight_smile: I might add an advanced option to disable cropping altogether actually.

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