Beaver builder doesn't save my changes

hi, i am having an issue with beaver builder, i have built my page with beaver builder and saved it which worked perfect. Now i am trying to add the woo category products from the wordpress widgets i put all the fields in which shows on the screen but it won’t let me save it. I have cleared the cache in the setting that didn’t work. I have also deactivated the plugins i have added since i first did the page and it still doesn’t work.

Please can somebody help?

thanks tom

same mine problem, few days back it was working fine but when i update it i am unable to save changes in beaver builder help me

Are you checked the console log? Have there any JS error? Disable the other plugins except BB and test once.

What type of errors? The other add ons like add picture and search bar work. Do I need to disable the plugins even if they worked when I first made the page?

I have tried to see if I can fine any errors but I can’t see anything and iam not too sure what iam looking for