Beaver Builder - Error while saving

When I try to save my changes the changes are not saved and I am getting this error. Can you please have a look and let me know how to fix this issue?

Now it’s showing the following error

So this is a public forum, our support is actually Beaver Builder Support in the future.

Now your issue is most likely down to the fact you are removing all asset version numbers, so you are never going to use the latest css and js scripts and thats probably why you are seeing that error.

Contact the guy who owns the license who you probably bought the site off and he might know what plugin is removing those numbers, or he can contact support on your behalf seeing as its his license you are using.

It’s a website which we built for our client…So if you can be clear on what information you need in order to help me fix this issue it would be great…

Open a ticket and provide a login so we can see, if you are not the license holder you’ll have to ask him to do it.

I have created a ticket…Please try to give me a. solution as soon as possible since the website is live

You need to supply a login otherwise all they can do is look at your screenshot.

So shall i give the login credential as a reply to that ticket?

Yea, you’ll only get asked, saves the time. That’s why the form asks for a login.

I have added the username and pssword…Can you look into now please?