Beaver Builder, GTM and Click ID

Hello to all,
I have just recently redone my site in Beaver Builder. And I would like to track the clicks on my buttons to know which one works best. So I added an ID in the “HTML” part of one of the buttons.
Except that GTM can’t bring it up… do you know how to do it?

I have the same issue. BB is adding any class or ID to the parent container, not the button and/or link.

Because of this, I can not trigger a click event based on class or ID, as the parent container is not clicked. Rather the button is clicked.

Cant you set the click element with css selectors?
Like .fl-module.test a.fl-button for example where test is the class I added to the button module settings.

If I choose a generic button class, ALL buttons of that class count as a conversion. This is less than ideal.

More importantly, it only allows me to have one type of button conversion. I would be unable to tell if they converted for one location or another.

Instead, I want to add classes or IDs to individual buttons and use GTM to trigger pixels to record conversions on each button, independently.

There is a good read on how to use css selectors in GTM here CSS Selector Guide For Google Tag Manager | Simo Ahava's blog

I didnt suggest using any generic class, in my example I have added ‘test’ as the module html class