Beaver Builder hangs/freezes upon publishing/saving

Hello there,
I noticed over the last two weeks, when I attempt publishing and saving pages to the homepage of my website, it freezes. If I refresh, the changes are implemented, but I don’t understand why the freezing takes place while using the Builder and why it only seems to happen on the homepage.

I deactivated plugins to see if there were any causing the issue, but no luck.

Any suggestions?

I’m having to refresh the page anytime I save a module or try to publish the page. Sometimes the changes are published, sometimes not.

You should open a ticket I doubt the original poster will reply after 3 years.

Having same issue. Changes published but doesn’t reflect sometimes. Have to go in and out…

Previous guy had 1000 WP revisions on his page and WP just couldnt handle that many. If you have an issue please open a ticket and someone will try and help you.