Beaver Builder: How to hide menu icon in tablet and mobile view?

Hi all.

I’ve used a Beaver Builder template to create a website. I don’t like how the default menu looks and works in tablet and mobile view, so I installed the Responsive Menu plugin, which looks and works much better.

However, in tablet and mobile view, both the default menu icon (the three blue lines) and the plugin menu icon are shown. Depending on the size of the tablet or mobile device, the default menu can be triggered if the user clicks in the wrong area, which is not what I want.

So how can I hide the default menu icon in mobile and tablet view? I’ve gone through the settings and can’t find the solution. The thing is, I had previously tried another mobile menu plugin, and that plugin must have somehow suppressed the default menu from showing in tablet and mobile view, because only the plugin menu icon could be seen.

Thanks in advance.


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