Beaver Builder just broke when updating settings on FooBox

Hey there,

Are you all familiar with the plugin FooBox? I just saved some settings (it was already enabled) on the plugin for one of our subdirectories on our multisite and it broke BB: This plugin is network activated and what we use to add a lightbox for images across all of our sites and all I was doing was duplicating the settings that were used on our other site.

Any ideas?



Hey Dallas,

I’ve heard of the plugin but never got the opportunity to try it. What setting was it that was changed? It seems like the contents are no longer created from BB.


Hey Ben,

I can open Beaver Builder but I can’t place any rows or modules or anything.

Below is a list of settings changed… so weird these would break BB though. These were the settings I checked to enabled:

  • Add full support for Justified Image Grid galleries. No other custom settings needed!
  • Navigation Buttons > Inside Hover (buttons are inside the modal and are only shown when hovering on the image)
  • Opening closing navigation > Swing in from left
  • Close On Overlay Click > Should the FooBox close when the modal overlay is clicked.
  • Social Icons Enabled > checked
  • What link is shared > Share deeplink (if deeplinking is enabled). Fallback to share page
  • Show Icons On Hover > Only show the social icons when hovering over the item.
  • Show Icons With iFrames > Show the social icons when viewing iFrame content.
  • Social Icon Position > Vertical Position Above > Top
  • Social Icon Position > Horizontal Position Left > Center
  • Social Icon Position > Stack Icons Stack the social icons on top of each other. This only works with Left and Right positions
  • Facebook Enabled > We recommend adding OpenGraph meta data to your site’s head section. See the OpenGraph settings below.
  • Google+ Enabled > PLEASE NOTE : Google+ sharing has some limitations. The page will be shared, rather than individual images.
  • LinkedIn Enabled > checked
  • Twitter Enabled > checked
  • Email Enabled > Adds an email link so that images can easily be shared by email
  • Add OpenGraph > Automatically add OpenGraph meta data to your site.
  • Advanced > Use Custom Ready Event > If you are having issues with FooBox loading, you can try using a custom FooBox ready event
  • Disable Font Preload > By default, we preload the foobox font on the page by adding a small hidden span to the body.


FooBox and Beaver Builder are both Network Activated so available for all of the subdirectories on our multisite. But I hadn’t used FooBox before on this site - this was the first time I even touched FooBox on Manufacturing.

Also, I just got this error log:

[Fri Aug 14 14:19:01.789834 2015] [:error] [pid 17088] [client 2601:187:8000:8600:28ee:5c1c:a368:7700:25086] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /nas/wp/www/cluster-30037/su…-grid/justified-image-grid.php on line 17221, referer:

Not sure if it’s related but wanted to send it over in case it gives you a better idea of what’s going on.

Hey Dallas,

This may be one we have to login to take a look at further. Would you mind arranging temp admin access so we can do that?


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Thanks Dallas, we’ll take a look as soon as we can.

I restored it - very time sensitive matter so I can’t really wait. Thanks.

Hey Dallas! Is the issue only happening on the homepage? I can’t test the homepage because it looks like there is already someone working on it. I tried creating a private, test page and Beaver Builder seemed to work fine. Are you getting any Javascript errors on the page? I’ll pop back in later to see if I can edit the problem page. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks Robby! Really appreciate it but I ended up just restoring the page from a backup and redoing the content because it’s a time sensitive matter. Thank you for trying and I will let you all know if it happens again so you can see what happened.

Oh, okay! Sorry for the trouble. Definitely let us know if something similar happens in the future.