Beaver Builder Not Loading

Hi, I have automatic updates enabled on my websites for WP and also the plugins. Recently, I have had an issue with several of my sites. When I load a page and click on the Beaver Builder button to go to the visual editor, it reloads the page and but where the BB header typically is, it is just blank, and none of the elements can be edited.

I’ve tried updating all the plugins, I’ve cleared the cache, I’ve tried disabling all of the plugins, and still can’t figure it out. If I put BB into DEBUG mode, it works just fine. If I take it out of DEBUG mode, I have the same issue.



I just had this on my site as well. When I disabled the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin the editor launched fine.

Thanks, I will try that.

Awesome - that fixed the problem. Thank you so much!!!

No problem. I posted on SiteOrigins forum to see what they said. Maybe they will update or something.