BEaver Builder not working on IPad

Hi there, I am trying to maintain a site using iPad pro. But while I can endit modules that are already loaded on the site I cannot add any new elements. For example I cannot add any new rows, images, text boxes etc. whatever I try to add using the right hand “add content” feature does not trigger any action. I have juct updated to the latest version of Beaver Builder Pro. Thank you for your assistance. Andreas

Hey Andreas,

unfortunately, BB isn’t really optimized to work on mobile devices. We do have plans to include that functionality but there’s no ETA as to when. Sorry we don’t have a better answer for you.


This is an issue for me as well. The ipad pro is my tool of choice out in the field, and BB is a major tool for development - this creates a serious impediment to using BB. Hopefully this will be addressed quickly. In the meantime are there keyboard shortcuts?


Hey Dave,

Keyboard shortcuts were already requested on our User Voice. If you’ve a minute, feel free to vote for it on the link below. :slight_smile: