Beaver Builder on PHP 7.4 with Give Donations

When I upgrade my wordpress website to PHP 7.4 I am not able to Launch Beaver Builder to edit pages. I get a server error. Turning off my plugins one by one revealed that Give Donations plugin was the one corrupting Beaver Builder. Is there a fix? If I revert back to PHP 7.3 Beaver Builder launches with no problem while Give Donation is activated.

What error is logged on the server? what version of givewp?

I found it was a plugin causing the problem. I disabled it and BB works ok.

What plugin was it? So people know

It is the Give donations plugin. I forgot I put this up back in March. I still have the problem and I am addressing it again because I need to update the PHP for better performance. Sorry Pross, I never saw your reply.

You never told us what the error was. BB works fine up to php 8.2

With my hosting company I can only upgrade from PHP 7.3 to PHP 7.4. When I do upgrade to PHP 7.4, I cannot access the Beaver Builder editor on my home page. I notice it works on other pages (i didn’t check them all) but it doesn’t even show up when I click on Beaver Builder on the home page to edit it. It just opens the homepage as though I am looking at the website. The WP admin panel is gone also from it when I click to edit with Beaver Builder.

If I deactivate the GiveWP plugin, it works. I have to have the GiveWP plugin.

2.27 is the GiveWP version

Maybe givewp is not compatible with 7.4

PHP 7.4 is end of life now and not supported by php devs. BB works fine with 5.6 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2

Have you contacted givewp? What did they say? Have you opened a ticket with BB support with a login to see the issue?

My site was built by a 3rd party a few years ago. The license for Beaver Builder and GiveWP is under them. I cannot get the license info to setup me an account with them.

i am talking to my hosting company about the PHP versions. I didn’t even know there was anything beyond 7.4.

My hosting company, iPage, is in the process of upgrading to Php 8.2 and will notify me when its complete.

I believe you are correct about GiveWP not supporting PHP 7.4.

So you dont have licenses for either? What version of BB are you using Maybe the version you have is not compatible if you have not updated for 3 years?

the site has licenses attached but I cannot see them. Its a multisite license from the 3rd party. Beaver Builder Version

Well that version will run fine on php 8+

I am going to have to wait on my hosting group to upgrade. Thank you for informing me of all of this.